A solution for each sector

Our avatars offer intuitive guidance, query resolution, and navigation, mirroring human interaction for seamless experiences.

Our Value Proposition

Generative interactive AI drives our avatars, offering personalized, engaging, and efficient interactions that enhance user experiences.


Available 24/7, our interactive avatar provides round-the-clock support, ensuring constant availability for improved customer service. This always-on technology boosts user experience, offering convenience and assistance anytime.

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Our multilingual interactive avatar facilitates seamless communication with users around the globe. This feature not only broadens accessibility but also overcoming language barriers for international users.

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Data Privacy

Our customer's data is stored on sovereign cloud platforms, ensuring top privacy and security. This setup keeps your information secure, locally governed clouds and under strict local regulations.

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Our interactive avatar adapts to individual needs, offering personalized experiences. Our interactive avatars could understand complexed situation, like guiding users in an airport or malls, even providing them educational support.

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« The generative artificial intelligence allows us to envision increasingly immersive and educational experiences. It makes sense for us to collaborate with a leading French technology player like Jumbo Mana and offer our users a new feature that is both educational and fun. »

Clément Monjou, Senior Manager, Alexa International

Meet the team


Christophe Renaudineau


With over 15 years' experience in artificial intelligence and internationally recognized expertise in generative AI, he founded the start-up Jumbo Mana to revolutionize human-computer interaction with AIs that behave more humanely and realistically.


Michael Friess

General Manager

With over 20 years' experience in business management and leadership, Michael Friess has a proven track record in operational management, particularly in the software industries, helping to structure Jumbo Mana to meet the project's ambitions.


Frédéric Rose

Chief Corporate Officer

With over 20 years' experience in flow managment, he has become a leader in managing international event. Involved in generative AI since 2020, he founded IMKI and Jumbo Mana to give deep techs the means to become international leaders.

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